Helga Dreher
Das Torhaus - The Gatehouse  
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The Gatehouse – the novel

A mysterious inheritance with consequences

‘Are you sure that this is where you wanted to go?’
Through the window of the taxi she saw the wall of a house sprayed with graffiti and shining dirty-silvery in the afternoon sun ...

No, Alma is in no way sure as she gets off the taxi in Weimar that day. An unexpected inheritance has led her to this place and in front of this house. In her early thirties, Alma Winter feels strange and alone on this rainy day in the ‘classic city’.

But very soon she finds herself within a circle of friends, all of them native Thuringians, who resolutely take her by her hand. Love stories and other catastrophies are bound to happen.

However, the run-down Gatehouse holds a secret which forces Alma to take action.

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Cover Das Torhaus

Das Torhaus
A novel
Bertuch Publishers
430 pages
ISBN 978-3-937601-76-2
Published: 19 March 2010
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