Helga Dreher
Das Torhaus - The Gatehouse  
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23rd March 2010
7.30 pm
Reading at the Women's Centre Weimar Women’s Centre Weimar
Schopenhauerstraße 21
14th April 2010
5.00 pm
Book launch by Bertuch Publishers at the Town Museum, Bertuch House Weimar Town Museum Weimar
Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 5-9
26th May 2010
7.00 pm
Reading at Eckermann Bookstore Weimar Eckermann Bookstore Weimar
Marktstraße 2
26th June 2010
7.30 pm
Reading at Schiller House Jena Schiller's Garden House Jena
Schillergäßchen 2
23rd September 2010
6.00 pm
Reading at Goethe National Museum Weimar Goethe National Museum Weimar, Frauenplan
30th September 2010
Readings at POM Lady Weimar POM Lady, Weimar Atrium

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