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Das Torhaus - The Gatehouse  
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A Weimar novel

„The Gatehouse“ is Helga Dreher’s first novel. Her own encounter with the City of Weimar, her neighbourhood – Hoffmann von Fallersleben Street, the historic Gatehouse on the street corner and the Bus Station – inspired her to write the book.

It is about people with their problems, aspirations and dreams who have kept their friendship over years of political and personal change and who give Alma, a newcomer to Weimar, a warm welcome. Alongside the pulsating story the run-down Gatehouse originally built by the classicist architect Coudray in the 1820s is fictitiously restored.

Shortly after the draft of the novel was completed, scaffolding was put up around the historical Gatehouse and the the renovation actually began. Pure coincidence, says the author, but what a wonderful one, she adds.

‘Inspired by the flair of the house. Helga Dreher raises a memorial to Coudray’s historic building in the Erfurter Strasse.’ (article in German)
By Christiane Weber, TLZ Weimar on 18/02/2010, permission granted by Thüringische Landeszeitung
‘Like in a novel: Dortmund investor renovated Gatehouse’ (article in German)
By Michael Helbing, TA Weimar on 16/04/2010, permission granted by Thüringer Allgemeine
Cover Das Torhaus

Das Torhaus
A novel
Bertuch Publishers
430 pages
ISBN 978-3-937601-76-2
Published: 19 March 2010
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